Biography Category: Residents

Charles Neher, MD (PGY1)

I am from the Ho-Chunk Nation, indigenous to the Midwest. I grew up in the suburbs of St. Paul and often visited my grandmother

Folubi Salami, MD (PGY1)

I grew up in a small rural town, where I recognized the aspects of rural medicine that attracts me: the scientific approach to daily

Michal Budziakowski, MD (PGY2)

I’m interested in the full spectrum of family medicine, from obstetrics to geriatrics. I wish for all to feel welcome and comfortable beginning their

Jacob LaMirande, MD (PGY2)

I’m particularly interested in outpatient and preventative medicine, though as a new doctor, I’m excited to see all what family medicine has to offer.

Michael Jepsen, DO (PGY3)

As a resident I will bring dedication to serving the community, continual learning, and compassion for my patients. I find chronic management of disease,

Linnea Kruit, MD (PGY3)

A career in Family Medicine allows me to be the first contact a patient may have with medical personnel. I am always struck with