Medical College of Wisconsin

A career in Family Medicine allows me to be the first contact a patient may have with medical personnel. I am always struck with what an honor it is to be entrusted with a patient’s health and to be the person that they seek out first when they need help. I have a passion for caring for people as unique individuals, but also the larger community I am a part of. When I think about community centered medicine, I am brought back to memories I have living in the Philippines during my undergrad years for a medical based internship. The value of community becomes more apparent when the people around you are all you have. My desire is to continue to serve similar underserved communities here in the US during my career as a doctor. I enjoy playing acoustic guitar and singing. Before medical school, I toured with a music group called The Koinonia Singers and I have been a music leader at my church for four years. I enjoy any chance I get to go camping or hiking and exploring new places.